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I’m Jen Jones, Pastel Artist and Arts Teacher at the Grovedale Neighbourhood House, Heyers Rd Grovedale.

I currently work on my own art out of my studio, StudioArt6 at Bannockburn, but Monday afternoons 1-3.30pm and Saturday mornings from 10.30am-1pm, you will find me at the Neighbourhood House running Pastel drawing and Acrylic classes.

For beginners to art right through to the more advanced students, I teach very much ‘hands-on’ and will assist you to work on your painting through problem solving and practical demonstrations. Both mediums can be used with a variety of techniques, and these I am happy to demonstrate throughout the term. Also demonstrated and advised on are the range of brushes used with acrylics.

Each student works on their own artwork of their choice and will learn how to grid up their photos and enlarge on to their art paper to get correct proportions and scale. I will show you how to identify colours and hues, develop your individual style, and will have you hanging your completed and framed artwork on your home wall in no time. Classes follow school terms. Contact Jen for more info.

Contact me for more info, materials list and enrolment details.


Pastels are an amazing medium to work with as they are extremely forgiving, diverse in their effects as you can see on my artworks, but very messy so bring along an apron or old shirt to protect your clothes from the dust. Once framed behind glass, pastels will maintain their colour and quality for a very long time. Well worth the framing investment.


Acrylics can be challenging as they dry quite quickly, but sooooo much fun to play with, and very versatile in their application. From large canvassed abstracts to small detailed portraits and landscapes, acrylics come in a huge range of colours, price and quality for artists to use. And if you don’t like the finished product, you just gesso over the top and paint anew. They are also a less expensive medium as there is no need for framing.

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