Definitely recommend

Very talented artist and art teacher! Being in her class was not only was such a therapeutic experience for me but also an avenue that opened up my almost dormant artistic side. I had no knowledge of the pastels medium when I started, but by session #2 I became comfortable with it. She has a welcoming personality as you see her connect with each and every student in class. I definitely recommend her art classes.

Forever grateful

I was wanting to try a new medium in art work. Then I met Jen Jones. After speaking with her and viewing some of her amazing art work, she invited me to join her pastel art classes. I’ve been to 14 classes now and with her help and guidance, I am extremely happy with my art work I’m producing. I am forever grateful to Jen for the invitation. She is very friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. Not only is she a great art teacher she is also a wonderful host too. I truly recommend Jen’s art classes for anyone wishing to improve their artistic talents in what ever medium she has on offer.

Improving your artistic endeavours

I have been a student of Jen Jones for approximately 3 years I really enjoy her relaxed approach to classes and that I get to work on pictures that I want to do! I never thought I would display my art publicly or even get it framed! I love her hands on teaching. Students are encouraged to work on individual pictures that inspire the student to explore the pastel medium. A great place to relax and meet other budding artists, and extend/push yourself to improve your artistic endeavours. It’s great meeting other people with similar passions, she makes a mean Ginger biscuit! lol

Regained my confidence

I walked into Jen’s art class in 2018, a variety of people were there from beginners to more experienced artists. I had lost my mojo with art a few years ago. With Jen’s encouragement and her obvious passion for art I certainly regained the confidence to continue. Jen creates a comfortable relaxed environment with her classes, encouraging individuals to pursue their own interests and style.

A pleasure

I have been attending Jen’s pastel classes for a number of years now and still come back most terms. As a teacher she is knowledgeable, helpful, and if you want, hands on. For me, this is the best way to learn as Jen will show you, and guide you along the way. Jen’s classes are a pleasure to be involved with and in, as she is a lovely person, we have alot of fun whilst there.